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Provide reliable and sustainable investment solutions.

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Full Description

Fritz Strobl, Volksbank Investments: “Our mission expresses our responsibility to provide reliable and sustainable investment solutions. At the same time, it stands for the respect we have for the inherent unpredictability of the markets as well as for openness and flexibility.”
We create opportunities.

Through the combination of competences from the fund and certificate segments, Volksbank Investments is the only company on the Austrian market today who offers “the best of the entire investment world from a single source!”
We match opportunities.

In this way, we can put together the “best product in the best package” for the individual needs of the customers – regardless of whether it is a fund, a certificate or an insurance policy – which represents an essential competitive advantage for our customers.
We improve opportunities.

The key element here is the unique definition of asset classes, which are combined in a targeted manner either within the particular asset class itself or with other asset classes. Our innovative strategic approach is characterised by our customised implementation of market-dependent and market-neutral returns, together with the targeted use of derivative instruments to define and control the risk-return relationship. In this way, we create entirely new opportunities in order to significantly improve portfolio efficiency – in other words, to reduce risk while at the same time generating higher returns.



Österreichische Volksbanken-AG Kolingasse 14-16 1090 Vienna

Telephone Number:

+43(0)50 4004-7237