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Semper Constantia PrivatBank

Semper Constantia PrivatBank

One of the leading private banks in Austria.

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Full Description

Semper Constantia Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft unifies the virtues of a traditional private bank with the strengths of a modern investment bank. That includes personal advising, absolute discretion, specially designed individual solutions and a focus on the solid long-term development of value as well as strong momentum and high flexibility.

The core business of Semper Constantia Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft comprises private banking, investment funds and custodial services. Our clients include wealthy private individuals, private foundations and institutional customers.

The owner of the bank is an Austrian consortium under the direction of Erhard F. Grossnigg, which also includes Hans Peter Haselsteiner and other well-known Austrian industrialists as core shareholders. This consortium impressively demonstrated its personal commitment in a bidding process that included the continuation of high-quality banking operations as a key selection criterion, and subsequently won the tender. The owners, who are among the most successful entrepreneurs in their branch, are well aware of the high demands placed by investors on the services and quality of a private bank and, at the same time, guarantee a solid foundation for business activities.

As one of the leading private banks in Austria with a focus on conservative asset management, Semper Constantia Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft follows a comprehensive approach that covers all sectors of the investment market.

In contrast to traditional allocation approaches, Semper Constantia Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft focuses on the classification of the investment universe by risk factors. A best-in-class approach ensures that only top products are used for asset allocation. The selective inclusion of investment products must reflect the individual risk profile and investment experience of the client.
Openness and precision are indispensible in this process. In addition to a personal representative and written reports, clients can access an online reporting tool at their discretion. It guarantees absolute security with the greatest possible transparency for all actions and also provides information on the current portfolio balance.



A-1010 Vienna, Hessgasse 1 Austria

Telephone Number:

+43/1/536 16-0