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Wealth Management
Deutsche Bank Österreich AG Wealth Management is a leading force in advising and supporting wealthy individuals and their families and foundations and select institutional clients. We combine the tradition, integrity and strength in first-class independent service of a private bank with the competence, security and stability of a global financial group. From our Vienna and Salzburg locations we support clients throughout the country, at your home at any time if you wish.

To preserve and increase assets in a challenging economic environment requires international research and the judicious use of modern investment instruments across all asset classes. You can configure the form of service you require to suit your individual preferences. Analysis of your personal risk tolerance is the starting point for all asset management.

You can choose to delegate investment decision-making to the bank (discretionary asset management), or to use the bank's advisory services and make your own investment decisions (advisory asset management). Large portfolios are often distributed across various asset managers – so we offer our "Private Port" service to give a synoptical overview and control of all the assets.

Discretionary asset management
In the light of your personal concerns and wishes, your desired return and your risk tolerance, we work out an investment strategy together with you, which is implemented by professional Portfolio Managers. You transfer day-to-day investment decision-making and ongoing risk management to our experienced portfolio management experts.

They develop optimum investment strategies for your assets, select suitable instruments, and apply them expertly in the various market situations. The principal focus is on optimizing opportunity/risk.





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